Hi there! I love you so much! I’m Jared Weakly’s Hearing Service Dog and spend a lot of time with him. If you see me in the office, be sure to ask before petting, but I love attention so I hope Jared says yes! At Galois, my primary job is letting Jared know if someone wants his attention, looking super cute while I sleep under Jared’s desk, and bringing Joy to others at work. In my spare time, I enjoy everything! Long walks, short walks, all kinds of walks, toys, fetch, sleeping, and particularly finding a nice piece of asphalt during a sunny day to lay until you could fry an egg on my fur. I also have a new yellow lab sister, Mulberry! She’s fun to play with! I think we’re going to get along great!


Lupita graduated summa cute doggo at Barkington University where she studied Formal Verification of Bone Structures, and Applied Methods of Cuteness; she also pursued a minor in Toyology. At Galois, in addition to taking care of Jared, she helps bring Joy to everyone around her. Projects that she’s worked on include: Saying Hi to Shawn at the Front Desk, Sleeping Under the Pool Table, Shedding All Over Rob Wiltbank, Covert Soliciting of Attention During Company Meetings, Using People’s Feet as a Pillow, and occasionally she tries to find work as a floor cleaning consultant if someone spills food in the kitchen.