Lisanna Dettwyler

Research & Engineering

I like solving hard problems that enable others to do their best work. I apply principles from DevOps, test-driven development, formal methods, and CI/CD to build resilient and trustworthy relationships between people, software, and infrastructure. At Galois, I build and support products, services, processes, and automation to increase our collaborative web practices’ scalability.

I have recently fallen in love with mountaineering, hacking together sensory enhancement wearables, and a handful of wonderful partners. I’m openly queer, polyamorous, and transgender, and I use she/her pronouns.


Lisanna received her B.S. in computer science from Oregon State University, with a focus on bioinformatics. This preceded four years at Intel, supporting the development, verification, and integration of Linux system libraries for next-generation HPC networking and GPU compute products. She came to Galois in 2020 to help define and champion DevOps practices and cultural evolution necessary for growth.