Kenny Foner

Research & Engineering

I’m a functional programmer and programming languages researcher—I delight in building practical tools from meaningful theory to make a positive difference for programmers and for the world.

Outside of my work at Galois, I love to cycle around Philadelphia, spend quality time with my cat Kairos, and play free improvised music on my clarinet.

I am a strong advocate for mental health in and beyond academia and the tech industry—I’ve given invited talks on the subject, and my inbox is always open to anyone who wants to talk.

I am non-binary, and I use the pronouns they/them.


Kenny is a software engineer and researcher at Galois. They graduated with their master’s in computer science from the Programming Languages Group at the University of Pennsylvania, advised by Stephanie Weirich. Before coming to Galois, their research focused on the intersection of dependent type systems, property-based random testing, and lazy evaluation.

At Galois, they’ve worked to validate the integrity of electronic voting technology, worked on the SAW framework and Cryptol language for specifying and verifying cryptographic algorithms, and created tools to help experts and non-experts alike quickly prototype graphical interfaces.