Joni Roylance

Chief People Officer

Englebart’s Law states that the rate of human potential is exponential; that while technology will augment our capabilities, our ability to improve upon improvements is a uniquely human endeavor.

I have the privilege of being the caretaker of the Galwegian employee experience as the People Officer. My goals are to help every Galwegian live their joy at work, and to co-create a workplace for all of us to fully express our human potential. In that process I get to help design and deliver the employee experience of the future, which is by and large a conscious collaboration effort.


Joni is an empathic leader whose purpose is to improve the human experience. Her career has focused on human realization at the individual, team and enterprise levels. She specializes in employee experience strategy, innovation and transformation. She leverages neuro and behavioral science to create plans that will amplify the strengths teams have, predict and pragmatically overcome barriers, and find the most efficient path to vision realization. While she has a natural affinity for humans, she favors telling stories with data and believes strongly in quantitative and qualitative measurement of progress and outcomes. 

She has done work in the people space at a variety of companies such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Coke-a-Cola, Disney, Nike, HCA, and Bayer among others.