Jared Weakly

Research & Engineering

I have an inordinate interest in feedback loops and productivity; I find that people do their best work when they are empowered to reason about their environment and receive immediate meaningful feedback. At Galois, I strive to help projects achieve this ideal of continuous reliability, inquisitive introspection, empowerment of every team member, and ever-tightening feedback loops. In my past professional life, I worked as a Web Developer and nourished a passion for beautiful UI/UX experiences that were also fully and truly accessible.

In my personal time you’ll find me: swing dancing, attempting to improve my latte art skills, training my service dog, Lupita, fixing up my house, embarrassing my wife, playing with our cute new puppy, and generally bouncing off the walls in a million directions at once.


Jared Weakly received his B.S. in Computer Science from Portland State University. At Galois, he wears the hats of: Build/Release Engineer; DevOps; hey you with the dog; voted most annoying pool player (but definitely not the best); and writer of yaml files, depending on the occasion.