Eddy Westbrook

Principal Researcher

So much of our daily lives relies on software. From cars and airplanes to medical devices to online banking to social media and e-commerce, software is everywhere. How can we ensure that this software is correct and secure? How do we know our bank cannot be hacked, or our medical devices will continue to function? This is the focus of my research, software correctness and security. Specifically, I develop formal methods tools for analyzing and verifying software, to ensure it does what we need it to do.


Eddy joined Galois in 2016, where he has led a number of research efforts on advancing the state of the art in formal methods tools. He is currently leading development of Heapster, an extension of the Software Analysis Workbench (SAW) for formal verification of programs with unbounded data structures and unbounded loops. Before joining Galois, Eddy worked at Kestrel Institute. Eddy received his Doctorate in Computer Science from Washington University in Saint Louis in 2008.