David Lamkins

Research & Engineering

I enjoy drawing upon my broad knowledge and experience in software and system development to meet challenging requirements — particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, databases, graphics, video, audio, real-time programming, device drivers, operating systems, memory management, garbage collection, data networking (design, analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting), language compilers and interpreters, fraud detection, textual content recognition, and web applications.


Mr. Lamkins studied computer science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the days before the department offered a formal undergraduate degree; he was thrilled to be able to participate in graduate-level studies as an undergrad.

With nearly four decades of experience, Mr. Lamkins is an industry veteran possessing the ability to draw upon numerous technologies, techniques, and methodologies. He has a passion for delivering systems that are robust, reliable, well-documented, and reproducible. He is proud to have contributed to or led the development of a number of projects that have had a commercial impact, some of which are still in use today.

Mr. Lamkins joined Galois in 2013. He has been actively contributing to the development of trustworthy system software.