Andrey Chudnov

Research & Engineering

If software hasn’t finished eating the world, it is definitely working on the dessert. My quest is to make sure that it is secure and reliable by the time it asks for the check.


Dr. Chudnov joined Galois in 2016, after obtaining a PhD degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. His doctoral research was on information flow and web application security.

Andrey’s work is primarily in research and engineering. He does a lot of software development, specification, verification and general research. With his focus on “getting the job done”, the choice of tools is of a secondary importance. However, he is happy that Galois shares his preference for Haskell.

Dr. Chudnov is passionate about advancing the state-of-the-art in computer security. To that end he contributes to Galois open-source efforts, and continues to participate in the academic community by publishing papers, and giving talks, and writing reviews.

When not studying obscure specifications, writing arcane types or thinking of yet another way of breaking computers, Andrey is an avid soccer and guitar player.