Ajay Kumar Eeralla

Research & Engineering


Ajay joined Galois in 2018 as a Software Research Engineer. In this role, his work focuses on the research and development of formal verification tools and techniques. His current work is mostly in the space of Secure Multiparty Computation. He has contributed to the delivery of several projects to both government agencies and commercial clients.

In 2019, Ajay earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Ajay’s academic work and research interests include computer security, cryptography, formal methods, and theorem proving. His dissertation focused on formalizing and verifying security properties such as secrecy, authentication, and vote privacy of the voting protocols using the computationally complete symbolic attacker model, and mechanizing the hand-written proofs in the Coq proof assistant.

Ajay enjoys jogging and playing cricket in his spare time.