Adam Foltzer

Research & Engineering

Since joining Galois in 2012, my engineering work has centered on building static analyzers, symbolic simulators, and programming language implementations to enhance trustworthiness in software and embedded systems. I collaborate with researchers here and around the world to build compelling proposals in these areas for our clients, and engage with the broader open source community. Outside of work, I enjoy woodworking, video games, and spending time with my family and cats.


Adam began programming in Scheme when he was young and has since then had a passion for functional and denotational programming. While getting his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Indiana University, he began using Haskell while studying the theory, design, and implementation of programming languages; parallel and concurrent programming; and quantum and reversible computing. Prior to studying Computer Science, Adam studied Russian language and literature, archaeology, and how to fly small aircraft.

“I care deeply about the issues surrounding diversity in Computer Science,” he says. “I work to spread awareness, and to support the folks who work tirelessly to improve the situation such as Ashe Dryden and The Ada Initiative.”

While not a native Portland resident, Adam says he has fully embraced the joys of plentiful gourmet food and craft beer, and managed to not mind the cloudy weather along the way.