Current Opening

Technical Business Development Analyst (Portland, OR)

Location: Portland, OR (only worksite)

Duties: Work within business development functions supporting relationship between company’s applied formal methods for high assurance software and language design, and business development.  Research market conditions as they relate to company’s technical services and products to develop national strategies for development of new markets, and to further development with current commercial and government clients.  Develop marketing and business strategies based on research.  Collaborate in design and development of technical marketing materials for diverse markets.  Work with software engineers and computer research scientists to gather requirements for proposal generation to prospective clients and to produce technical marketing materials.  Create strategies that enable development of new applications/markets for applied formal methods for high assurance software and language design, as well as new products. Research and analyze market opportunities and evaluate new business initiatives, analyzing market conditions, competition, and industry developments.  Research and develop marketing and communications strategies for company spinouts as they are being incubated.  Research, evaluate and develop go-to-market strategies designed to take technology from prototype to deployed products. Research and develop fundraising strategies appropriate for early startups, including research on commercialization strategies for advanced technologies, and research and provide guidance on technical solutions towards transition and commercialization. 20­% travel, including international, required.

Education:  Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance or closely related field (foreign equivalent accepted).


Experience: 2 years’ experience as a Business Development Analyst, Business Solutions Consultant, or closely related position


  1. 2 years’ experience devising and evaluating methods and procedures for collecting market and competitor data
  • 2 years’ experience with sales or account management at a technical focused company
  • 2 years’ experience monitoring tech industry statistics and trends
  • 1.5 years’ experience researching regional and national market conditions and gathering information to develop strategies for product sales and marketing initiatives
  • 1 year experience collecting and analyzing market data to identify potential factors affecting product demand 

All experience, skills and requirements may be gained concurrently.  All applicants for this position should apply online at , ref. #1027.