Current Opening

Systems Administrator (Arlington, VA)


Galois is hiring a Systems Administrator in Arlington, VA. The overall role of the IT Systems Administrator is to ensure that Galois personnel have the IT resources they need to do their work efficiently, securely, and joyfully.

In this role, you will be expected to:

  • Communicate IT policies and procedures clearly
  • Research and evaluate emerging technologies
  • Ensure IT assets adhere to industry standards and protocols
  • Resolve computing problems positively and in a timely manner
  • Maintain productive relationships with Galois personnel
  • Create continuity of IT operations


  • Manage IT help desk
  • Arrange for repairs and consulting by IT vendors
  • Track asset warranties and software licenses
  • Understand key trends in larger IT marketplace
  • Manage backup system: rotate backup, monitor progress, restore user files
  • Specify computing hardware and software for purchase
  • Act as trusted arbiter of access rights
  • Install and wire devices
  • Scan daily and other periodic system logs
  • Administer collaboration tools
  • Provide emergency, off-hours assistance via phone and e-mail for IT services
  • Install, configure, and upgrade supported operating systems and applications
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software problems


  • 5 years of work experience with Linux at the command-line
  • Expert competency in server operating systems: Linux, Windows and IP networking
  • Expert competency in core network-services: DNS, DHCP,email, NFS, HTTP, etc.
  • Expert competency in business-continuity, disaster-recovery planning and implementation
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • General competency in Strategic IT planning, Visualization Technologies, Windows, OS X, Linux, networking, servers and desktop computing hardware
  • Basic competency in enterprise business software: accounting, scheduling, finance

Why Join Us?

We’re looking for people who can invent, learn, think, and inspire. We reward creativity and thrive on collaboration. We offer great benefits and perks, including a 401K plan, ESOP, paid vacation, employer paid health benefits, transportation reimbursement, parental leave, a casual work environment, snacks, and espresso.

About Galois

Galois develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable. We apply cutting edge computer science and mathematics to advance the state of the art in software and hardware trustworthiness. At Galois, we maintain a unique organizational structure tailored to the needs of the innovative projects we deliver. Our organizational structure is collaborative, one-level flat, and based on principles of well-defined accountabilities and authorities, transparency, and stewardship. We aspire to provide employees with something that matters to them beyond just a paycheck — whether it be opportunities to learn, career growth, a sense of community, or whatever else brings them value as a person.

We believe in individual freedom in the roles we choose, and in the projects we pursue — our research focus areas are the intersection of staff interests and corporate strategy. We choose practices that best suit the project, team, and leaders, with company-wide standards kept to a minimum to ensure we are making the right choices for the situation rather than just business-as-usual choices.

For more on our organizational structure, visit Life at Galois.

How to Apply

If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume to us via the links below: