Current Opening

Senior Engineering Manager (Portland, OR Arlington, VA)

Galois is looking for a passionate individual with experience in engineering leadership roles and a strong technical background to join our expanding team. Our ideal candidate embodies a servant leader approach, excels at leading engineering teams and projects to success, and leans into technology.

The Senior Engineering Manager is an essential role at Galois. Ideal candidates will have a keen interest in trends in engineering and leadership, and a high level of emotional intelligence. They play an active role in influencing the culture of their local office and supporting the broader organization. 

The Senior Engineering Manager is responsible for all aspects of their project’s success, including delivering client value,  building teams, planning and tracking, guiding work execution, full project budgeting, and overall team health. They have freedom of choice, working with their team to find the best practices for the project, team, and client’s needs. Projects at Galois are most commonly led in a partnership between them and a Principal Investigator, who leads the research agenda and sets the technical direction for the project. 

If you think this role fits what you seek, watch a video on engineering leadership at Galois, and learn more about our culture through life at Galois.  And for more context on engineering leadership at Galois, see this blog post.


At a minimum, successful candidates have:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Demonstrated experience in servant leadership positions, fostering collaboration and building vibrant and cohesive teams
  • Extensive experience engaging and leading technical teams
  •  Extensive experience leading software engineering or research projects
  • Demonstrated success with strategic technical planning
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn new technologies and technical domains

Preference will be given to candidates with:

  • Extensive experience leading or working in technical areas such as: functional programming, formal verification, secure computation, and overall computer science areas of research and development
  • History of roles with fiscal responsibilities


In this role, you’ll be accountable for all aspects of team leadership and project execution, including:

  • Ensuring the team is producing world-class results that delight the client, on time and on budget
  • Ensuring Engineers can see how their individual contribution is part of a greater whole
  • Providing Engineers opportunities for professional growth
  • Planning all aspects of projects and coordinating all project activities
  • Helping Engineers find satisfying work (even if that means work on a different project) through coaching efforts
  • Communicating project status, issues, and results to the client and as an internal advocate: via presentations, written reports, and conversations
  • Collaborating with other Senior Engineering Managers to address company-wide concerns

About Galois

At Galois we specialize in the research and development of technologies that solve computer science’s most difficult problems. Our organizational structure is collaborative, one-level flat, and based on principles of well-defined accountabilities and authorities, transparency, and stewardship. Project teams involve multiple engineers and researchers, likely include team members from academia, industry partners, and government agencies, and range in duration from a few months to several years.

Galois develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable. We apply cutting edge computer science and mathematics to advance the state of the art in software and hardware trustworthiness.

We are a community of people dedicated to creating trustworthiness in critical systems. Our community emphasizes individual citizenship rather than hierarchy. We value freedom to pursue our passions in and out of work. We’re not interested in being a typical business, we are interested in operating from first principles.

We also aspire to provide employees with something that matters to them beyond just a paycheck—whether it be opportunities to learn, career development, and a sense of community.

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