Rogan Creswick

Research Lead, Human Computer Interaction

I am a research lead in Galois’ Human Computer Interaction group. My focus is on natural language processing, intelligent user interfaces, and software engineering. I develop open-source libraries for various forms of NLP using both statistical and grammar-based techniques, and strive to improve human-computer interaction through better automated language understanding.


Mr. Creswick has a deep interest in natural language processing and software configuration and development tools. His experience also reaches into the areas of user interface automation and customization via integrated assistants through SBIR-funded work on Version Space Algebra and automated documentation assistants. He strives to provide natural interfaces to ease communication with complex and semi-sentient agents through existing tools that have already become trustworthy and familiar to their users. These efforts have manifested in assorted tools that convert natural language to (and from) encoded policy, automated redaction assistants, and interactive visualizations for analyzing data flow in collections of mobile applications.

Mr. Creswick earned both his M.S. in Computer Science (Software Engineering) and his B.S. in Computer Science from Oregon State University.